Where have you been?

19 10 2008

Just a quick note to let nobody know that I’ve been working now as the Communications Coordinator over at Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, an excellent not-for-profit working to protect the Lake’s watershed for millions of people.  Check it out will ya?!

See you around.  Come see my band play.


“Watson! Come here, I need you!”

22 07 2008

I think I may have just stumbled on a neat idea for a new website.  If done correctly, I think it could be:

A) Popular

B) Fun to write/video/interview for.

I’m going to have a think about it over the next few days and try to flush out some ideas a little more clearly, before I put a call out for help on this project.  If I can get this out on paper in an understandable-to-anyone-but-myself way, I think the potential is pretty great.

Here’s a clue:

Handsome devil.

Television? Well, OK.

23 06 2008


I’m really excited to be on board with iamstatic‘s Randy Knott to lend my wit and humour to his animated pilot.  Randy‘s been working on it for a while, so I’m really excited to see what he’s come up with beyond the character designs.  Will update as the project develops.  If I work in TV, do I need to buy some sunglasses?

Copyblogger’s Twitter Contest

21 05 2008

A fun writing challenge: write the most compelling story you can in just 140 characters.  Then post it on Twitter.  If you don’t use Twitter yet, you should.  Then we can be Twitter buds.

Message is in the Medium

15 05 2008

I’m really excited about a new contract I’ve started with Timeraiser.  The collaboration will be on display in Calgary in mid-June.  Check their site for the details.  

It is nice to get back to working with music and non-profit organizations. 

Featured Article on Helium.com

28 04 2008

Just found out that my article “My Name is Ryan and I am Dying” has reached the top 5 in Helium’s list, and has become a featured article.  Thanks!

Portfolio in Progress

28 04 2008

I’ve been swamped and unfortunately I haven’t been able to get to my portfolio to finish it off.  In the meantime, I posted an in progress version to give everyone a taste over on the Issuu page.

Sameer from Eloquation will be doing an article on Issuu and using my portfolio as his example just as soon as I get it done.